Nature's solution for healthy, low tox living


These oils…

Nature was first man’s remedy. Everything we need is found here.

These oils will be the start of a completely new relationship with your body, your health and our earth. 

What are essential oils?

Aromatic compounds found in bark, seeds, flowers, fruit, roots and leaves.

  • Natures defence mechanisms for plants and cells

  • Pure extracts from plants (50-70x stronger than herbs)

  • Used throughout history for variety of health benefits

  • Highly concentrated

  • Safe, effective, affordable and an alternative to synthetic remedies

Why doTERra essential oils?

Simply, because quality matters. It matters because we breath them in, we put them onto our skin, we can take them internally too. And that means you want the best of the best.

  • Plants are grown and harvested in their natural habitat

  • Verified pure, free of fillers and harmful contaminants

  • Stringent third party testing ensures authenticity and potency

  • All 3rd party testing is available to the user through 

Happy Body.
Happy Mind.
Happy Heart.

How to get started


Choose your starter kit

Beginning with a starter kit is by far the best value. All kits have the most popular oils plus your wholesale membership fee of $35 is waived.
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Still not sure what I want

It’s ok, you can make your order as custom as you need. I’m happy to jump on a call and help you to decide which oils or other products would be best for your needs.


I want to know about the biz

You have your oils and you love them. Of course. You find yourself talking about them all the time with your friends and family? Or you are just intrigued about the business?

When you purchase your starter kit you will get…


  • 25%-55% discount on all future purchases.

  • Free personal education from me about how to use your oils

  • No monthly minimum order, no obligation to re-purchase or sell oils

  • Access to resources so you can safely and confidently use your oils with your family

And this..

  • Monthly FREE product of the month and other promotions

  • Team giveaways and other product perks

  • A curated welcome pack from me with accessories and samples

  • Access to online community full of tips and tricks and support if needed

  • Constantly evolving resources to guide you and support you to create a happy low-tox lifestyle for you and your family.

We struggle with prevention and natural healing because we don’t need it. Until we NEED it.