Easy steps to low tox living

We live in the most toxic times to date. Starting with pesticides on our food, additives and preservatives, through to skincare, cleaning products, all the way to EMF (electromagnetic) exposure. And don’t get me started on 5G.

That said, we also have the most research and best tools to date to empower ourselves and take control. And it really doesn’t have to be too difficult or overwhelming.

We put hundreds of chemicals on our body every day…from toothpaste, deodorant, face cream, shampoo….cleaning products at home….the list goes on.

When I started eliminating toxins from our home, I did it the hard way. I always do. I started making stuff from scratch. Nappy creams, face cream, body cream, deodorant, cleaning products. It felt great, but it could easily turn into a full time job.

You really don’t have to do this the hard way. It should be easy, no effort so you can focus on your self and your family and know that you are making healthy choices. Your body and your mind will thank you later.

3 simple steps to reduce toxins in your life & home

  1. Ditch all toxic cleaning product - vinegar, water and bi-carb soda does it all, but if you don’t want to DIY, the On Guard cleaning concentrate is a powerful replacement for all your cleaners. I use it for EVERYTHING. And it lasts for ever, making it more affordable than any “organic” or “natural” cleaner.

  2. Skin care / body care - castile soap, apple cider vinegar and almond oil would be your best friends. Again for nonDIY friends, I would highly recommend the Average skincare. It’s amazing and has essential oils in it already for all sort of benefits for your skin. It’s more affordable than any of the high street brands.

  3. Air pollution - did you know that the air at home is more polluted then the air outside? You can cleanse it by diffusing pure essential oils. You also get health benefits by doing so. And check out my article about candles and toxicity.

5 steps to eliminate toxins from your body

  1. Exercise - sweat it all out

  2. Eat the right food - plant based diet will reduce inflammation

  3. Supplements - we are not getting enough nutrients from our diet these days so it’s good to top up with good quality supplements

  4. Water - try to drink at lease 1.5litres of wanter every day.

  5. Sleep - support your immune system by getting enough rest. We heal when we rest.

  6. Energy healing - my favourite. Look at energy healing, sound healing. Get those energy stagnation blocks out and energy flowing.

General rule - if you don’t know the ingredient on your product, be it food or skincare, your body may not know it either. 

Toxins can stay in your body, especially around your organs as we are not able to flush them out. This will affect your body to work properly or as it did to me, affect my endocrine (hormones) system and caused hormonal imbalance, moodiness, anxiety and mild depression. 

Feel empowered to take control of your health and wellbeing!