Do you limit your potential?

We put a lot of limits on ourselves and on our life through the unconscious definition of belief systems that eventually manifest themselves as energy blocks or stagnation.

We fence our beautifully manicured gardens because we are scared of something or someone ruining it. What if that someone just accidentally plants the most beautiful flower you have ever seen? With that flower you get new energy, new smell, new colour.

It works exactly that way for our bodies, thoughts, beliefs or even actions. Sometimes we just need to break through those limitations to raise our vibration (law of attraction).

Did you ever go to a yoga class or just spoke to someone and felt like they put a little ripple in your heart, in a good way? Something that really resonated with you, with your core?

My recent yoga class was about when we start thinking that we have reached a state of seniority or we think we are really good at something or even think we are better than someone…all it happens is that we become stagnant, we become boring and we stop progressing or learning. It’s really just our ego that takes over.

It sounds obvious, but can you think of any example that this happened in your life and then straight after something didn’t quite go that well? Or you had a very humbling experience meeting someone that inspired you again to learn, showed you that what you thought was the ceiling was in fact just a little bend in the road… you don’t know what you don’t know.

In order to change something in our life we must change ourselves, we need to shift our mindset, change the way we think, change the way we do things.

When we quieten our mind for just a little bit we tap into a more intuitive self. These days we are conditioned to soldier through, to use our head, to think rather than sense.

When was the last time you sat back and really observed yourself? Through this motion of just doing and thinking we tend ignore the signals our body and mind is sending. Sometimes it is just a feeling of unease or overwhelm.

By stepping outside of our perspective and perception, we get to step outside our head and into our heart. By observing and sensing into what we need we are able to create boundless realities.