80% of your health needs addressed with top 10 essential oils

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When it comes to purchasing it’s hard to know which oils you need. The truth is, you don’t need more than the top 10 oils. Although once you start using them, I can’t promise you won’t want to have all of the oils on the planet. It happens to best of us :).

This is why doTERRA created a Home Essential Kit with a diffuser and the top 10 oils as a start kit. Let’s look at what these little bottles can do for you and your family.

When you get this kit, you will find that you use your oils every day for so many different reasons.


  • 5c per drop

  • lemon, lavender and peppermint for seasonal allergies

  • removing any sticky residue

  • cleaning whiteboards off permanent marker

  • green cleaning - 20 drops of lemon, splash of vinegar and water

  • lemon diffused on its own to cleanse the air

  • emotional cleansing

  • drink 1 drop in water

  • lemon is detoxifying

  • replace lemon zest in cooking for few drops of lemon

  • fresh produce wash - few drops in the water and sit for 10 minutes


  • 10c a drop

  • think anything calming and soothing

  • soothing for skin

  • calming for emotions

  • great for sleep

  • calm bug bites, sting, rash, burns…etc

  • in the bath - cup of epson salts and baking soda plus 3 drops of lavender

  • infuse your laundry (dryer balls)

  • can be used in baking to infuse with lavender

  • nappy rash cream with tea tree

  • calming for dogs


  • 10c per drop

  • drop in hand, breath it in, open your lungs

  • energy boost

  • peppermint with wild orange - get your day started

  • great for cooling the skin in hot weather

  • peppermint and lavender after all day in the sun

  • apply on temples for headache and tension

  • little sniff for blocked nose

  • fresh breath - mouth rinse

  • tummy issues - drop in a water

  • great for peppermint brownies, bliss balls...etc

  • repels spider and ants

  • cooling temperature


  • 35c per drop

  • no need to use more than 1 drop

  • biblical times - one of the gifts brought to Jesus

  • the most studied oil

  • the most beautifying oils for skin

  • helps with memory and focus - anything brain

  • calming inflammation

  • It’s the oil of truth

Tea Tree

  • 9c per drop

  • all things purification

  • on a skin cut - dilute with tea tree and lavender

  • for infections

  • 1 drop for skin issues, acne

  • ear pain - put a drop onto cotton ball and tape to the outside of the ear (never inside)

  • clean mattress - baking soda and tea tree

  • mouth rinse

On Guard

  • 16c per drop

  • used most in winter, change of season

  • great for cleaning

  • dilute when applied topically

  • best immune support

  • soak your toothbrush in on guard and water for 10 minutes every week

  • Flu and colds coming on - diffuse or apply on bottom of feet and down the spine


  • 12c per drop

  • heavy hitter for immune system (internal)

  • drop into veggie capsule - never take in a water as it’s potent (hot) oil and will burn in your throat

  • always dilute when applied topically

  • skin tag removal

  • natural antibiotic

  • 1 drop to Italian pasta sauce

Easy Air

  • 10c per drop

  • natural vapour rub (vicks)

  • applied on the bridge of the nose to open airways (blocked nose) when congested

  • diffused with lavender create a nice spa smell

  • any breathing issues - snoring, sleep apnea

  • great for connecting to your breath - emotionally too

Digest Zen

  • 15c per drop

  • any digestive issues applied topically around your belly button

  • indigestion

  • after eating too much chocolate or greasy food

  • kids tummies - colic

  • helps with heart burns

  • helps digest emotional stuff too

This unique blend contains Ginger, Fennel, and Coriander to help ease occasional stomach discomfort, including motion sickness and indigestion, while Peppermint, Tarragon, Anise, and Caraway aid with digestion and help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Ice Blue

  • great support for arthritis

  • soothing support for muscles

  • apply topically for aches and pains

  • apply to muscles after a workout

  • after long hours at the computer, apply to shoulder and neck

  • use for a deep tissue massage

  • menstrual cramps

Disease begin to change when we take proactive care of our health and we use the right tools.