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Hi, I’m Lucie

Welcome. This space has been created to share everything I learn on my journey to all natural low tox living.

I’m a mom of two, Nora and Ronnie, living in the beautiful sunny Sydney. I was born in Eastern Europe and lived in London for 10 years before heading for an adventure to Australia with my best friend and husband Chris.

We love everything nature and this was the reason for me to endeavour on the life of healthy habits to give us and our little ones the best foundation for their health and healthy lifestyle.

We’ve been using all natural products for many years in order to reduce toxic load on our bodies and mind, but the puzzle was little more completed when we started using essential oils. DoTerra essential oils, that is. If you want to know more about those gifts of nature read on….

And welcome again, my friend…
Lucie xxx


Feel empowered to live a natural life that glows.